The blues are the roots, the rest are the fruits – Willie Dixon

The first edition of Leuven Blues will take place on the 5th of May in Het Depot – one of Belgium's finest concert venues, conveniently located at the Leuven train station. This brand-new festival is a cross-cultural collaboration that reaches far beyond the Belgian borders. A stunning selection of local and international artists will be moaning till midnight: bending, hollering, grinding and sliding until they hit that blue note – that special spot where pain salutes pleasure – boys begin to bark, men start to howl, girls lose their innocence and women start to prowl...

Whether you call it roots, rhythm 'n blues or rock 'n roll: you can put lipstick on a twelve-bar, but it's still the blues. Join us – we've got the devil on our side.


This year three cities send their delegates to the inaugural Leuven Blues. A selection of hometown heroes will open the festival, followed by their colleagues from East Flanders. Afterwards you will find out what blues from the Big Apple sounds like – and last but not least, this American cocktail gets topped off with one of the fiercest female voices of our time. Check it out!

Danielle Nicole

Headlining the festival is Kansas City blues singer Danielle Nicole. The ex-Trampled Under Foot singer-bassist made her Concord Records debut – Wolf Den – last year. Influenced by artists as diverse as Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Paul McCartney, the Neville Brothers, Sarah Vaughan and Janis Joplin, Danielle’s haunting voice is guaranteed to send shivers down […]

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Big Apple Blues ft. Hugh Pool

Big Apple Blues’ rhythm section – Barry ‘Baron of the Blues’ Harrison (who used to play with the legendary Johnny Copeland) and Admir ‘Dr. Blues’ Hadzic – will team up with Hugh Pool to form a devilish power trio. Prepare yourself for a blend of blues-rock, psychedelica, slide guitar and harmonica-driven boogies! For the uninitiated, […]

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Ghent All Star Band

The Ghent blues scene has been thriving over the last couple of years – culminating in the grand opening of the Missy Sippy, an old school blues & roots club in the heart of the city. The monthly acoustic and electric jam sessions are hosted by Lightnin’ Guy Verlinde and Tiny Legs Tim – the […]

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Maxwell Street

One of the hidden gems of the Belgian blues scene: the core members of Maxwell Street (named after the famous avenue in downtown Chicago) are Marino Noppe and Willy De Vleeschouwer, who’ve spent more than thirty years in holy six-string matrimony. In 2014 they released a new album called Goin’ Home. Enjoy this excerpt from […]

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Bluesapalooza All Star Band

Radio Scorpio’s Bluesapalooza puts together the opening band for the festival – each one of these artists played at the radio show during its three-year run. Backed up by the seasoned musicians of Studio Fandango, this staggering combination of young talent and local legends will surely set the stage alight. Armand Hombroeckx, better known as […]

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Address: HET Depot | Martelarenplein 12 3000 | Leuven, Belgium
Phone: T: +32 486 615 698